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All Moomin Ceramics by Arabia added to Mukify

We have great news! Mukify now covers 100% of all Moomin ceramics produced by Arabia from the 1950s to today. One great milestone reached! So what next?

Help us to improve Mukify 💚

Mukify is built for collectors and we’re doing our best to improve it for you. We would love to hear what you think about the service and receive some feedback. Take a minute and answer the One Minute Questionnaire below.

Questionnaire has been closed. If you want so send us a feedback, you can contact us via email:

9000+ Mukify Users

Now heading towards the 10,000 user milestone, we are planning to bring a lot of new features and make the service even more interesting for all Moomin fans ⭐

Mukify 9000 käyttäjää

Download Mukify:

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