Arabia muumi ABC-setti

ABC Moomin products added to Mukify

The Moomin by Arabia x Finnish Red Cross collaboration series can now be found from Mukify. The special edition ABC set includes two mugs, two plates and a bowl.

ABC sarjan pohjaleima

Ps. Have you noticed that the bottom of the ABC products are decorated with a completely new type of special bottom stamp?

Do you know which Moomin mugs are most wanted?

Iltalehti a Finnish tabloid newspaper, did an article listing the 10 most wanted and 10 most common Moomin mugs among collectors. The information for the article was obtained from Mukify’s statistics.

Thank you for answering the survey 💚

We did a short survey in the previous blog, thanks to everyone who answered! We received a lot of feedback on product development and many other things, and in the fall we will release many new desired features.

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