Mukify Subscriber Raffle: Millennium Mug

Subscribe to Mukify and win the Millennium Mug

We are raffling off a collectible Millennium Mug among all monthly subscribers of Mukify.

By subscribing to Mukify’s monthly paid version (Rocket, Star, Heart, or Diamond) by September 30, 2023, you will be entered into the Millennium Mug draw. The rules of the raffle can be found at the bottom of the page.

Note! If you are already a monthly subscriber of Mukify, you are automatically entered into the draw.

Mukify now needs your support more than ever before. So, join the ranks of Mukify’s monthly subscribers today – you can also have a chance to win the top-listed Millennium Mug.

In December 2021, Mukify’s first version saw the light of day. Our service gained over 1000 users within a few days, mainly from Facebook’s Moomin mug groups.

Now, 20 months later, our service covers the entire range of Arabia’s Moomin products from the 1950s to the present day, and we have over 18,000 users worldwide. Our users’ collections collectively contain more than 730,000 pieces of Arabia’s Moomin ceramics.

From the beginning, our idea has been to provide an easy and clear way to manage and value your Moomin collection. Originally, we intended to finance the operation through a later-built marketplace (like Tradera or Huutonet), but constructing such a platform would have required significantly larger funding.

Up until now, Mukify’s operation has been primarily funded by the founders’ investments and a product development loan granted by Business Finland. We were close to shutting down in June, but at that time, hundreds of our users expressed their willingness to support Mukify with a small monthly fee. A six-figure sum has been spent on Mukify’s product development.

In June, we built the Mukify monthly subscription feature within a week. With a monthly fee, users receive a Mukify badge equivalent to the subscription price, along with an ad-free and unrestricted user experience.

Now you can get Mukify at 50% off for six months

Enter code FINNAIR100 at checkout to get a 50% discount on the monthly fee for the first 6 months. After this period, your subscription will automatically continue at the regular price.

For example, Mukify Star Badge = €1.74/month (regular price €3.49/month) ⭐

The discount code is valid until September 30, 2023. This offer is for new monthly subscribers and is not valid for subscriptions that were canceled and reactivated during the promotional period.

  1. Rocket Badge = €1.99/month 🚀
  2. Star Badge = €3.49/month ⭐
  3. Heart Badge = €6.99/month ❤️
  4. Diamond Badge = €19.99/month 💎

Currently, Rocket and Star badges have been subscribed to almost equally. Three Heart badges and one Diamond badge have been ordered. Our goal is for every Mukify user to be willing to pay the amount equivalent to the Star badge, which is €3.49/month.

By subscribing monthly, the user not only receives a Mukify badge but also gains access to an ad-free version of Mukify.

Up to this point, we have over 330 monthly subscribers. Our aim is to surpass the 1000 monthly subscriber mark as quickly as possible, which would provide a solid foundation for planning Mukify’s future endeavors.

If you use Mukify or want to support the continuation of our story, consider making a monthly subscription today. We’re doing our best to ensure Mukify’s journey continues. We would also appreciate it if you shared information about Mukify with your friends and followers on social media.

If you’re interested in supporting our operations or user acquisition in other ways, please contact Lauri directly on WhatsApp.

Rules of the raffle

1 Organizer
The campaign is organized by Mukify Ltd, Kirkkokatu 9 A 18, 70100 Kuopio (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”).

2 Eligibility
All individuals who permanently reside in Finland, within the EU, or outside the EU, and are 18 years of age or older, can participate in the campaign. Employees of Mukify Ltd and individuals living in the same household as them, as well as employees of other companies involved in the planning or execution of this campaign and individuals living in the same household as them, cannot participate in the campaign.

3 Campaign Period and Participation in the Drawing
The campaign period is from August 14th to September 30th, 2023. Participation in the drawing will not be accepted after the campaign period ends.

To participate in the raffle, the participant must use the Mukify service either through the application or in a web browser and subscribe to Mukify’s ad-free version using their chosen Mukify badge.

4 Prize
The prize is a discontinued (1 piece) Millennium Moomin mug, valued at approximately 400 euros. The mug was in production only in the years 1999 and 2000. The mug is used but in good condition.

5 Drawing of the Prize and Announcement of the Winner
The drawing will be conducted on October 1st, 2023 among all participants accepted into the campaign.

The Organizer will personally notify the winner of their victory by email to the address with which the user registered for the application. If the winner cannot be reached within a week of the first contact, a redraw will be conducted.

The Organizer has the right to publish the winner’s name on their website and social media channels.

6 Registration Information
During the registration for the raffle, the participant’s email address and name (optional) are collected. The personal data provided by participants to Mukify for the raffle will be used for the purpose of conducting the raffle and will be retained until the participant voluntarily removes their account from Mukify or requests the account to be deleted.

7 Other Conditions
By participating in this campaign, participants agree to follow the campaign rules and any decisions made by the Organizer regarding their interpretation. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the rules. If any errors are found in the promotional materials related to the campaign, the Organizer of the campaign, promotional partners, or partners of the aforementioned parties shall not be held responsible for any consequences arising from the error.

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