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Any missing bottom stamps?

Seems like the recently released ability to select the bottom stamp of your Moomin mug has been well received. What’s been especially great is the amount of feedback we’ve got about the bottom stamps. We have been working like crazy to get all of the missing ones added, and thanks to you, the database of the bottom stamps is getting more and more up-to-date by the day. Did you know that the famous Stinky mug has been manufactured with five different versions of the bottom stamp?

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New Moomin products available

Arabia has released a set of new Moomin products. The Winter Wonders mug and bowl as well as the Collector’s Plates Office and Winter Night were released on October 7th.

Have you already added these to your collection?

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Arabia has been releasing Winter Season mugs since 2006. The Winter Wonders mug is already the 17th released winter mug. You can easily find all the Winter mugs on Mukify by selecting the filters ‘Moomin Mug’ and ‘Winter season’.

Everything about Moomintroll Daydreaming

Moomintroll Daydreaming is one of the most wanted Moomin mugs amongst collectors. We frequently receive questions about the mug and therefore we have put together an article about it with all interesting details.

In the article we cover topics like fake mugs and other interesting details.

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