Uudet Muumimukit Vihreä ja Roosa 2022 0,4 litraa

Improvements to Collection Management

Quite a few of you have more than one of the same item in your collection. If you fall into this crowd, we’ve just made your life easier. Instead of page after page of browsing, they are now shown stacked as one item, with a label showing how many you have added. Click on the stack, and you’ll get to see the details of and manage each one individually.

We will cover 100% of Arabia Moomin Ceramics…

… very soon. The only missing categories are under work. Vintage Figurines from the 1950s and 1990s as well as newer ones are under work and will be released during June. Also the rare Children’s Dishes from the 1950s are under work.

New 0,4 liter Mug Rose and Mug Green available

The new 0,4 liter Moomin Mugs have been released by Arabia on May 22nd. You can of course now add them to your collection in Mukify.

Q&A added

We have received a lot of questions and feedback from our users. The frequently asked questions have now been added as a Q&A page. In case you don’t find what you’re looking for in there, notice information missing from the database, or if you face problems with the app, you can contact us by email: support(at)mukify.com.

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