Arabia 90-luvun muumifiguurit

Arabia Figurines from the 90s added

In addition to the 21st century Moomin figurines, you’ll find all the 90s figurines now from Mukify. In the 90’s, Arabia released a total of 12 different Moomin figurines from six different Moomin characters: Moominpappa, Moominmamma, Snorkmaiden, Moomintroll, Too-ticky and Little My.

How do I distinguish between the 90s and the 21st century minifigurines?

In 2018 Arabia resumed manufacturing of the 90s minifigurines. You can find instructions on how to distinguish between the two periods from the Mukify product pages. 😊

Currency support added

We have added currency support to Mukify service. In addition to euros, you can now choose from 7 additional currencies. You will see the item value, the collection and wishlist values in your own currency.

Supported currencies are:

  • EUR – € – Euro
  • USD – $ – US dollar
  • GBP – £ – British pound
  • JPY – ¥ – Japanese yen
  • SEK – kr – Swedish krona
  • DKK – kr – Danish krone
  • NOK – kr- Norwegian krone
  • ISK – kr- Icelandic krona
Currency support Mukify

Download Mukify:

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