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Moomin Plates added

A new product category Moomin plates is now added to Mukify! 😍 All 61 plates can now be added to your collection. The Top 3 categories are now complete, all 114 Moomin mugs, all 63 Moomin bowls and now all 61 Moomin plates.

Did you know that the first Moomin plates had pictures on both sides of the plate? Arabia changed the design after few years, and the bottom side of the plates got the same style of stamp as used in the mugs. You can find both the single and the double sided versions and their values from Mukify.

Mobile app 📱🔥

Have you already downloaded Mukify on your phone? 😊 As we promised the app is completely free. Mukify also works on all device types. You can manage your Moomin collection seamlessly with your phone, tablet, or computer!

Download the app:

Mukify mobile app

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